Hello, Welcome, Congratulations!

I’m Kahlia (read Kayla) your personal love story narrator, friend,

listener, unique ideas creator and official party starter!

We’ll kick off with buzzing vibes as you tie the knot!

Think legals, love, laughs & (happy) tears!


I’ll be there as your biggest hype girl, I’ll calm you when the overwhelm hits,

hug you when you need it and help you call the shots… like literally, let’s do shots!!

I’ll help your create a ceremony full of all the good stuff and none of the irrelevant fluff!!

I absolutely adore the connection I have with my couples!

I pour my whole heart into writing personalised ceremonies specifically designed around

your story, showing your personalities and working with you both to satisfy your wants & needs.


There is no greater satisfaction then seeing you genuinely enjoy every minute of your ceremony!

Do you want to be left on a high and forever talk about how amazing your wedding ceremony was?

Do you want to have your guests cheering really freaking loud for your first married couple kiss?